690 raketer från Gaza mot Israel

690 raketer från Gaza mot Israel

690 raketer och missiler avfyrades i helgen av palestinska terrororganisationerna Hamas och Islamic Jihad i Gaza mot israeliska civila. 240 raketer stoppades av luftförsvarssystemet Iron Dome. 210 000 skolbarn tvingades stanna hemma. 4 civila israeler dödades i attackerna. Regeringar runt om i världen fördömer attackerna. 

På sin Facebook-sida skriver ambassadör Ilan Ben-Dov:

“Since Saturday morning, Palestinian terror organizations in Gaza are launching massive shelling (by now more than 500 rockets) on towns and villages in southern Israel, hitting Israeli civilians.

Once again, the radical terror organizations Hamas and Islamic Jihad are calling for the destruction of Israel. They are committing a double war crime: they are targeting Israeli civilians while firing rockets from within their own civilian population, which they are using as human shields.

The terror organizations in Gaza Strip are the main obstacles to the peaceful development of the Gaza Strip. Hamas and Islamic Jihad are endangering the lives of the Gaza population, which is held captive under their murderous regime.

We expect the Swedish government to fully support Israel’s basic right and commitment to defend its citizens against Islamic jihadistic terror.”

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