Abbas tal den 30 april 2018

Nedan följer ett längre utdrag, samt en videoinspelning och översättning, av Abbas tal den 30 april 2018:

”At the last meeting of the Palestinian Central Council, I spoke about the historical narratives of Israelis and Palestinians. We must understand the history, the present and the future, as well as the Israeli narrative that wants to tell the world that they returned to this land out of longing for Zion and the Promised Land. These things are not true. The last time [I said these things,] the dead and the Israeli press rose up. The Israeli journalist Gideon Levy noted that what Abu Mazen said was true. I would like to mention several events, that is to say, because I have read many books written by Jewish authors, even Zionists, and they discussed the narrative I want to talk about.

One of the authors, Arthur Koestler, an American Zionist Jew, wrote a book about the 13th tribe and wanted to say that Jacob had thirteen sons. Where did the 13th come from? ‘They invented it.’ The Kingdom of the Khazars in the 9th century was not a religious kingdom, and it became a Jewish kingdom, became Judaized, and then its inhabitants dispersed and emigrated to Europe and they are the Ashkenazi Jews. They are not Semites and have no connection to Semites, neither to Abraham nor to Jacob. It was a Turkish state, not a religious one, that became Jewish and the Jews began to say ‘the Promised Land.’ This is in the words of the Zionist Koestler

Those Jews who moved to Eastern and Western Europe were subject to massacres on the part of different countries every 10 to 15 years, from the 11th century until the Holocaust. Why did the Holocaust happen? They say ‘because we are Jews.’ I would like to quote three Jews from three books, including Joseph Stalin and Abraham and Yitzhak Notchard, who said that the hatred of the Jews was not because of their religion, but because of their role in society. Therefore, the ”Jewish question” that spread in Europe against the Jews was not because of their religion, but because of the loans and banks. Proof of this was the presence of Jews in the Arab countries, and I challenge any contradiction to the fact that there were no events against the Jews in the Arab lands since 1400 due to their religion.

History says there is no basis for the Jewish homeland. The first proof is the call by British leader Cromwell in 1653 to establish a Jewish state. He said, ”We want to establish a Jewish state in Palestine,” and no one agreed with him. Napoleon Bonaparte and Churchill followed him, and after that the Consul of America in Jerusalem in 1850 who called for Jewish emigration and resettlement in Palestine. All those who called for the establishment of a Jewish state were not Jews.

And we’re coming to Balfour. Before his declaration, he published a decision to prevent Jews from entering Britain because he hated the Jews for these reasons. Then came Balfour and his statement appeared jointly with the American president and after consultation with the presidents of France and Italy. He consulted with four countries and here we come to the issue of British Prime Minister Henry Campbell-Bannerman.

In 1905, the Presidents, Prime Ministers and Defense Ministers of European countries met for two years in Britain. The theme of their meetings was that European culture was about to collapse, and that the countries of the Eastern and Southern Mediterranean were poised to replace it because of their strategic location. ‘In order to prevent this, we must leave these countries divided, fighting each other and retreating,’ which is our situation today. ‘As a quick solution, we must plant east of the Suez a foreign people, which is the Jews.’ Therefore, the Balfour Declaration was given and adopted by Britain and accepted by the Partition Resolution of 1947, and there it was. There are many elements that show how the project is a colonial project.

I want to surprise you. In 1933, a month after Hitler came to power, an agreement was signed between the German Ministry of Finance and the Anglo-Palestine Bank in Jerusalem. Every German Jew who wished to emigrate to Palestine would have his money and property transferred there. If he did not want to, he would be given a travel ticket to Belgium and he [Hitler] wanted the new homeland to be friendly to them, and in the course of six years some 60,000 Germans emigrated. Balfour hated the Jews and wanted to establish a state for them. The Russian Foreign Minister, known for his hatred of the Jews, wanted them to have a state in Palestine. And the truth is that the colonialist project came as a way to plant a foreign body in Palestine.

We say, we will not uproot them. We say, we will live with them in coexistence on the basis of two-states, and so we will agree on this matter. I brought this narrative because the narrative of Israel is incorrect, and most of those who wrote the books are Zionists.

We, the Palestinians, (after) what the Jews did to us, after the Mandate, the Palestinians staged the revolts of 1921 and 1929. The 1929 revolt was called the ”Al-Buraq Rebellion.” The Jews called it the Wailing Wall and we called it ” Al-Buraq.” The British set up a committee at the League of Nations that issued a decision that the name of the Western Wall was the ” al-Buraq Wall ” and that it belonged to the Muslims and that Jews were not allowed to pray in front of it. Nevertheless, they wanted Al-Buraq, the Dome of the Rock and the Al-Aqsa Mosque.

In 1936 there was a revolt and in 1937 the Peel Commission worked for a division that did not succeed, and then the partition resolution was passed. After that we received 44% (of the land before the partition plan) and Israel took 78%. In Paragraphs 41 and 42 of the UN Charter it states that those who are attacked must use military force to repel [the attacker]. and when they submitted their request, they were told: You must recognize Resolutions 181 and 194. Moshe Sharett promised that they would recognize these two resolutions, and to this day (they did not honor) resolutions 194 and 181 and we have 705 General Assembly resolutions and 86 Security Council resolutions, none of which have been implemented. Where shall we go?

We have adhered to the principles of the PNC since 1988. These are the founding principles laid down in 1988, and there are no concessions: The decisions taken by the PNC were accepted in a quorum of 736 members, of whom 10 or 15 were opposed, but the vote was unanimously passed by the entire leadership.”

Foto: Bundesarchiv, Bild 183-N0827-318 / CC-BY-SA 3.0 [CC BY-SA 3.0 de (], via Wikimedia Commons

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