In an article published in Aftonbladet today – a newspaper that is hardly known for its fair and objective reporting on Israel and the Middle East – Anders Lindberg takes bias and distortion to a whole new level.

To liken Itamar Marcus, head and founder of Palestinian Media Watch, to the murderers of Hamas is an absolutely revolting, perverse and absurd comparison.

Marcus heads an internationally very respected NGO that monitors incitement and education for hatred under the Palestinian Authority – an unfortunately rampant phenomenon and the most serious obstacle to peace imaginable but hardly covered at all in Sweden. Indeed, he has previously been invited to speak in the British and other parliaments and held a press conference with former US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton. All this is defined by Anders Lindberg as propaganda…

The ’Central Fund of Israel’ mentioned in the article troubles Anders Lindberg very much but not the many leftist organizations – including BDS organizations – which in many cases are funded by European countries including Sweden. Anyway – Itamar Marcus left the organization some 15 years ago when it was devoted exclusively to social welfare work – for which he won a special award from the Mayor of Jerusalem.

The work on Palestinian incitement conducted under the leadership of Itamar Marcus is completely factual and to the merits – with no exaggerations and ulterior agendas. Reality is bad enough as it is. Their materials consist of verbatim translations of hate speech in media, schools and by official representatives.

Not only does Aftonbladet altogether ignore all of the incitement against Israelis and Jews alike under the PA as well as the current wave of terror which has taken so many innocent Israeli lives. Even worse, Aftonbladet willfully chooses to join in the wholesale demonization of Israel and attempted character killing of anyone who dares to stand up for the most basic rights of Israel.

The despicable, dishonest and indescribably ugly attack on Marcus, his work and his NGO – as well as on respected Swedish parliamentarians for inviting him – is another indication of how desperate Aftonbladet is to defame Israel and its defenders at any cost, and to bully them into silence. Indeed, even the image accompanying the article is carefully chosen to create the sought-after, anti-Israeli atmosphere.

All of this is too outrageous to be passed by in silence – and should trouble all Swedes. On wrongful grounds Aftonbladet wants to shoot the messenger – instead of seriously discussing his enormously important message.

Du kan även läsa inlägget direkt på ambassadörens Facebooksida

Riksdagsledamoten Hanif Bali svarar på Aftonbladets påhopp på sin Facebooksida:

Idag får jag och ”högern” kritik av Aftonbladets ledarsida via Anders Lindberg för att jag bjudit in Itamar Marcus från Palestinian Media Watch till ett seminarium i riksdagen.

Problemet är att han egentligen är på besök i Sverige för att besöka, håll i er nu, Olof Palmes Internationella Center! Som är en LO/S finansierat partiorgan som styrs av tidigare S-ministern Jens Orback.

Palestinian Media Watch är en organisation som endast översätter och publicerar Palestinska myndighetens TV-sändningar, detta jämställs av Anders Lindberg med Hamas.

Anders Lindberg är en lögnaktig propagandist som helt saknar hämningar, hederlighet och yrkesheder. Han är politiskt utsedd av LO att kasta skit på högern, vilket han gör med glädje här, trots att LO:s andra verksamhet träffar samma talare.

Den lögnaktiga och helt felaktiga artikeln finns att läsa här:…/anderslindbe…/article22437388.ab

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