Ambassadör Bachman kommenterar Kassem Hamades artikel i Expressen “Våldet eskalerar i takt med frustrationen”

Ambassadör Bachman kommenterar Kassem Hamades artikel i Expressen “Våldet eskalerar i takt med frustrationen”

Artikeln i Expressen kan du se här

Imagine if someone gets onto a bus at T-Centralen in Stockholm and starts to indiscriminately shoot at civilians. An hour later someone starts stabbing elderly civilians on a public square in Solna. Then we hear about a failed suicide attack in Göteborg, where a woman tries to blow herself up in her car but only kills herself and injures a few civilians. All in this same day.

Would that not be considered in Sweden as terrorism? Why is it then,that makes it so difficult to to refer to that – a today reality in Israel – as terrorism ?

Reading this recent article by Kassem Hamade in Expressen is very frustrating. The Palestinian terrorism against Israeli civilians is equated with Israel’s preventive actions against the terrorists that are aimed to stop them, when they are at the hight of commiting these killings, from the continuation of their terrible attacks. And of course, typical to the Swedish media, the Palestinian terrorism is not called terrorism and the Terrorists too – are not terrorists.

Beyond that, the article is filled with factual errors. The thirteen year old Palestinian boy that the journalist claims was killed and innocent, was in fact neither killed nor innocent. There is video footage that shows him and the other boy mentioned in the article running with knives and stabbing a 13 year old and a 22 year old.

Then, we can read the usual theory that Palestinian “unemployment and hopelessness of not getting their own state” lead to this wave of terrorism. That is absurd.

One of the terrorists was employed by Bezeq, Israel’s leading telecommunications company, and used his company car to run over Israelis and then attack them with a meat cleaver. Another terrorist was employed by an Israeli bank.

This wave of terrorism is caused by recent incitement by Palestinian and Islamist leaders and organizations calling Palestinians to “protect” the Al-Aqsa mosque, combined with decades of anti-Semitic propaganda and indoctrination broadcasted by the Palestinian Authority’s TV channel, daily newspaper and PA officials, including Mahmoud Abbas. Just before this wave of terrorism started, Mahmoud Abbas said on PA TV that:

“Al-Aqsa Mosque is ours. They [the Jews] have no right to desecrate it with their filthy feet. We won’t allow them to do so and we will do everything in our power to defend Jerusalem.”

“We bless every drop of blood spilled for Jerusalem. This is clean and pure blood, blood that was spilled for God. It is Allah’s will that every martyr will go to heaven and every wounded will receive God’s reward.”

Israel repeated, time and again, including with the Prime Minister own voice its commitment not to introdusce any changes in the ststus quo on the Temple mount but these commitments were ignored and the incitement, with the purpose to lead to violence, indeed lead to it.

How is Abbas not responsible for encouraging this wave of terrorism, as the journalist suggests? Furthermore, Abbas has not condemned any of the recent terror attacks against Israelis, in fact, he has even justified them on PA TV.

The journalist then makes one absolutely incredible statement. He writes that “The UN already made a decision in 1947 about the partition of historical Palestine into a Jewish and an Arab state. It was a decision that never lead to anything.”

Never lead to anything?! Mr. Hamade, it actually did lead to something. The Jews accepted the 1947 UN partition plan and established their state. The Palestinians and Arabs rejected the plan and decided to invade the newly established Jewish state with the intention to destroy it and drive the Jews “into the sea.” In fact – till this very day we are, more or less, in that same Palestinian and Arab (exepy v Egypt and Jordan) hostile actitude to the very existance of the State of Israel.

Besides the most inaccurate statements made in this article, this is typical media coverage in Sweden of events in Israel. Downplaying terrorism that Israelis suffer is deeply rooted in the general Swedish debate.

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