Ambassadör Bachman kommenterar utrikesminister Wallströms uttalande i FN

Ambassadör Bachman kommenterar utrikesminister Wallströms uttalande i FN

Artikeln i Dagens Nyheter om Wallströms uttalande i FN. Se här

It is customary for Sweden to downplay the terror and incitement against Israelis. This time – after some 150 terror attacks in a month (!!) there is still no condemnation of all those terror attacks that can have no justification nor excuse – not even in the case of Sweden referring to the reason as “a result of the occupation and Palestinian frustration’.

This terrible terrorism – that is religiously motivated as obvious from the repeated reference to it by the Palestinians as “Al Aqsa is in danger” – is very much the same violent Islamist terror that Sweden and Europe prepare so intensively, to prevent.

Against the background of these vast number of terror attacks directed against innocent Israeli civilians, in the last month only – attacks motivated by racist incitement and extremism, very kindred to that behind the terrible Trollhättan murders – it is discouraging to see how official Sweden is referring to the same preventive measures taken by Israel, as not proportionate and excessive.

Establishing an equivalence between the actions and measures of the two sides (Israelis and Palestinians) in Sweden, is indeed troubling and the Swedish concern seems mostly with the Palestinians and not with Israel – a democracy under constant terror atacks.

In the name of elementary justice and in the clear interest of peace, it must be possible to uphold a moral distinction between those killing civilians in the streets because of their religion and ethnicity, and the protective counter-measures reluctantly taken by the only democracy in the Middle East to safeguard the lives of its citizens.

Often, the lack of Swedish interest in terrorism perpetrated against Israelis, seems itself disproportionate and excessive – but seldom more than now.

Is it too much to ask for the current wave of killings of Israeli civilians to be condemned for what it is and to clearly refer to both parties with reference to what they do – one committing acts of terror and the other protecting itself?

2 Responses to "Ambassadör Bachman kommenterar utrikesminister Wallströms uttalande i FN"

  1. Håkan Johansson  10/28/2015 at 22:45

    I condemn the violence against Israeli citizens. The member of the parliament and Social Democratic party Hillevi Larsson that spoke on the anti Israeli demonstration in Malmö must condemn the demonstrators that shouted death to the Jews. As a Swedish citizen I am very sad to notice that such things can happen on Swedish soil. Sweden has a total irresponsible immigration policy and a huge influx of Islamic people with anti Jewish sentiment. Explain for this people that hatred against Jews are not permitted on Swedish soil.

    Israel is a green island in the Middle East. Israel has my full support. Israel is the defender of Democracy in this part of the world. The region is a black hole of Islamic madness and Islamic extremism.

  2. Johan Löfgren  10/31/2015 at 19:46

    I’m ashamed over the Swedish government and hope this mess soon will be over (supporting terrorists). Margot Wallström is not representative for Sweden, but instead for her red party. Don’t let them come to Israel – they will soon be replaced with humble people.


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