Ambassadör Bachman: Likheten mellan svensk medias rapportering om Abba och Israel

Ambassadör Bachman: Likheten mellan svensk medias rapportering om Abba och Israel

Israels ambassadör i Sverige Isaac Bachman skriver idag på sin Facebooksida:

ABBA – ISRAEL – and the Swedish media’s approach to both

As a great friend of Abba music, I went the other day to visit the Abba Museum here in Stockholm, reputed to be very innovative in presenting its story and a truly inspirational experience. After all – who could but LOVE such happy, life-embracing music as Abba? One of the most successful Swedish exports of all times!

Arriving in the fascinating museum I soon learned otherwise. As seen in the very thought-provoking, official museum text below, Abba was the subject of a veritable boycott by official Swedish state media – radio and television – since its music was not considered to be in line with the revolutionary agendas of the times, not progressive enough, too commercial, too easy to listen to, too representative of shallow bourgeois taste…

This ideological boycott of Abba even led to Sweden´s voluntary withdrawal from the Eurovision Song Contest, in order to avoid an unwanted and supposedly embarrassing win represented by the universally beloved Abba… Hardly a logical decision it would seem, but the wish to prevent a win due to the ideologically harmful Abba was stronger than the will to enjoy all the benefits and prestige such a victory would entail…

Today, Abba is universally embraced as the pride of Sweden – and people are genuinely shocked by the level of ideologically motivated hostility which they faced at the time for simply playing happy and careless music.

As Ambassador of Israel something started to ring a bell as I walked through the museum and began grasping these facts. The story of Abba is exactly the story of Israel. A success story hid from the sight of many by ideologically motivated blindness. Unfortunately, the media bias against Abba which most today find so shocking, in many ways has never ended against Israel.

When will the eyes of the public be opened in a similar way to the vast and politically motivated bias against Israel which has so largely coloured any and every view of our nation here in Sweden for more than a generation? I am encouraged to see that fallacies can be admitted, but we are still a long way from admitting the intentional distortion of reality to suit a political agenda which has all too often been the basis of Mid-East reporting.

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