Ambassadör Bachman om karikatyren signerad Bard i DN 21/11

Ambassadör Bachman om karikatyren signerad Bard i DN 21/11

Ambassadör Bachmans kommentar med anledning av karikatyren signerad Bard på DN:s ledarsida igår den 21 november:

No doubt it is considered the prerogative of the caricaturist often to be blunt. Certainly with DN’s recent caricature of Prime Minister Netanyahu and President Trump this prerogative has been exercised to the fullest.

I find it most prudent not to comment on the ‘artistic’ qualities of the cartoon. What is truly exceptional however, and for all to see, is its maliciousness and spite.

What I can also say is that nothing could be further from the truth than this terrible travesty of an image, with its procession of Ku Klux Klan members and racists carrying the Prime Minister of the Middle East’s only pluralist and democratic society in a triumphant procession.

Clearly, Bard is as ignorant of Israeli realities as he is consumed with animosity against its people. It is not the first time that he has published terrible cartoons on the subject of Israel – images which inscribe themselves in the tradition of a very particular iconography of infamy, with a scent of anti-Semitism.

If one is to look for any sign of encouragement or bright spot in this very sordid and discouraging affair, it is the outcry of so many against an image felt to cross all lines of decency. This shows that a healthy sense of judgment is largely prevalent, despite all.

Is it too much to hope that this latest ‘scandal’ will serve as a wakeup call for a more truthful and positive image of Israel to be reflected in Dagens Nyheter.

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