Ambassadör Bachman reagerar mot Pierre Schoris fräckhet

Ambassadör Bachman reagerar mot Pierre Schoris fräckhet

På sin Facebooksida skriver ambassadör Bachman angående Pierre Schoris artikel i Expressen:

When the article is calling in its caption to “listen to the friends of peace” it doesn’t say the obvious – That the friends of peace in Sweden are anti-Israelis and only then they start discussing peace.

For the writer and his political camp in Sweden – How can anyone be right by – god-forbid – defending Israel in Sweden?

Well, thank god it is still legal, and some do that. Like all the Christian Democratic (Kd) party leadership and Jan Bjorklund on behalf of the Liberals.

What an insolence and “Hutzpe” -They dare to advocate Israel in spite of the Left obvious ownership of what’s just and right, and especially when it comes to Israel.

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