Ambassadör Bachman svarar Mankell och Aftonbladet: “Dags att vakna”

Ambassadör Bachman svarar Mankell och Aftonbladet: “Dags att vakna”

Author Henning Mankell published an article in  Aftonbladet on Sunday, styled as a reply to my op-ed analyzing the factors leading up to the current conflict in Gaza.

While I have no intention of steeping so low as to answer the base personal insults of Mankell – and while there is NOTHING IN THE WAY OF AN ATTEMPT AT ANALYSIS by that author, a few words of comment will be in place.

Still, I have to say that one wonders at the professional considerations which would lead Aftonbladet to open its pages for an article in the form of a personal vendetta

Anyway:  the extremely hostile stand taken by prominent writer Mankell on Israel has been in evidence in years – for instance in his inaugural speech for the Ship to Gaza project,  where he called for the dismantlement of the State of Israel and rejected the notion of a two-state solution. What one can read between the lines of Mankell´s hysterics is a burning and consistent wish for the State of Israel to cease to exist. It certainly will not, of course, but true face behind Mankell´s shameless incitement is worth bearing in mind.

One can only marvel at the fact that someone so intimately connected with the ‘Ship to Gaza’ movement has learned so little about realities under Hamas rule. Indeed, this serves only to show that the concern is more with opposing Israel than truly working for the good of Gaza´s civilians. Because what happens with all of those means painstakingly collected for Gaza? They go into the pockets of a the corrupted leadership of the brutal Hamas terrorist organization, which  leads a life in luxury  – and into the thousands of rockets and tunnels now exposed by the IDF. Where is Mankell´s compassion for the 160 CHILDREN who died in terrible suffering  as slave labour during the construction of Hamas´  tunnels?

Mankell chooses to ignore the fact that while to Hamas Israeli civilians are merely targets, Palestinian civilians are only tools.

To repeat my comment on just one ludicrous point – if passport controls constitute Apartheid, what is one to say of our Nordic neighbors faced to impose these controls in the face of a terrorist threat, the likes of which Israel faces constantly. Of course Norway is in the right, and so are we.

To sum up, I can only say that the days for Israelis and Jews to apologize for their very existence are over.

I sleep very well indeed at night,  in the firm knowledge that our struggle for self-defense is just, that the conflict is imposed upon us and that in absolute contrast to the other side we take every possible precaution to protect civilians on both sides. What Henning Mankell would need to do, however, is himself to WAKE UP and confront the real world.

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