Ambassadör Bachmans kommentar till det senaste uttalandet om Gaza av socialdemokraternas partiledare

Ambassadör Bachmans kommentar till det senaste uttalandet om Gaza av socialdemokraternas partiledare


Text of the statement:

‘The attacks against Gaza are brutal and violent. With every day that passes, we are reached by reports about more wounded and dead. I condemn the ‘brutal use of excessive force’ (‘övervåld’) entailed by Israel´s bombings and ground invasion. In its self-defense, Israel will have to abide by international law. Disproportionate violence is a breach of international law. The Israeli violence against Gaza and the rocket attacks against Israel will have to cease immediately’.

Introductory comment:

In the statement, which lacks even the bare mention of the word ‘Hamas’ – Israel is portrayed as the repeated and brutal aggressor with no mention of the years of unceasing rockets attacks, against millions of Israeli civilians nor of that very escalation from the side of the Hamas which preceded the current conflict. Israel´s very extensive efforts to keep civilians out of harm´s way as far as humanly possible and Hamas´ contrasting policy of maximizing the number of civilian casualties on both sides are also passed by in silence. Before this operation started, Hamas had a chance to accept our proposal of ‘Quiet for quiet’ – no fire from Gaza would be answered with no fire from Israel. Hamas chose to escalate the situation that led to this operation and until this very moment is not accepting to seize its fire – with all the intentional suffering it is inflicting on the civilians of Gaza. To sum this up: it was and still is up to Hamas, whether or not the fire will cease. As long as there are rockets fired against Tel Aviv, we will continue to act against the sources of the fire in the battlefield which Hamas has created in Gaza.

Let us now take a closer look at the facts of the matter and equip the reader with a better background!

1) A moral judgment of warfare cannot use the number of victims as the sole criterion. If this would have been the case, Germany should have been considered the victim and righteous party in WWII since its losses outnumbered those of the Americans and Brits combined…
It would be not less moral, to look at the fact that this is a bloody aggressive and ongoing attack by a brutal terror organization that took the Gazans as hostages, on one hand – and on the other hand – a legitimate democratic country acting in self defense.

2) Excessive force is used from the very beginning by the Hamas against both the civilians of Israel and its own civilians. Those that claim that Israel uses excessive force clearly have not the slightest idea what Gaza is or how misleading the surface view of the Gaza strip is.

3) There is no army in the world, by far, which uses as many layers of early alerts and warnings as the Israeli army, while Hamas is using outright threats to prevent the Gazans from heeding these warnings.

4) In the statement it says: “Israel will have to abide by international law”. Israel IS abiding, I repeat – Israel IS abiding – by international law while Hamas never even started to read it…

5) The declaration is focused on Israel solely, ignoring almost altogether Hamas aggression. It ignores the continuous Hamas fire aimed deep into Israeli territory and the attacks through tunnels against Israeli civilians, in Israel itself. Still, the Israeli operation is defined as ‘an invasion’.

6) All declarations that present symmetry between Israel and Hamas and between the fire of both sides is patently unfair. On the one side there is terrorist aggression, on the other legitimate self-defense.

7) Prior to this operation when Israel was suffering a continuous barrage of rockets and missiles, we offered ‘Quiet for quiet’. To a large extent, this is something we still accept. If only Hamas would acknowledge how terrible the situation in Gaza is, it could be ended at any moment if this terror organization would stop its fire. As long as it does not, Israel remains obliged to defend its civilians.

8) Hamas refused the Egyptian proposal for a cease fire, it violated the UN humanitarian cease fire and it violated the Red Cross humanitarian cease fire.

9) With reference to the incessant rocket fire directed by Hamas against Israel´s civilians year after year, we would certainly have loved to hear it condemned by the international community also during more ‘normal’ times and not only when Israel is forced to go out and act in its defense.

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