Ambassadör Ben-Dov svarar Margot Wallström

Efter en intervju med Sveriges utrikesminister Margot Wallström i Judisk Krönika (1, 2018), ger Israels ambassadör i Sverige, Ilan Ben-Dov, följande uttalanden:

Israel is strongly opposed to financial support for convicted terrorists. Such support, given by the Palestinian authority, encourages and glorifies terrorism and the use of violence. It is in the strongest possible contradiction to the goal of peace and co-existence. In addition, it sends a wrong message to the young generations – which should be educated for peace, not acts of terrorism and violence.

The notion expressed by the Foreign Minister that if support for families of convicted terrorists were to be abandoned, they would ’starve to death’, is very far from reflecting the reality on the ground under the Palestinian authority.

I would like to also comment on an additional statement by Foreign Minister Margot Wallström in her recent interview with ’Judisk krönika’.

In an answer to a question about why Jews leave Europe and Sweden for Israel, Minister Wallström describes life in Israel as a ’life behind walls’.

To this I would like to reply:

Every person who has even the slightest and most superficial insight into Israeli society and daily life knows very well that Israel is an open, modern, vibrant, free, pluralistic and cosmopolitan society. Life in Israel is not being trapped behind walls – to the contrary.

Tens of thousands of Swedes who have visited Israel can testify that in the 70 years since the rebirth of the State of Israel and despite the Arab rejection of our very right to exist, we have built and created a society which in many ways could serve as a model to the world – above all with regard to the moral quality of society, as a stable democracy based on equality and social justice.

Israeli society is asociety of immigrants where immigrants are welcomed with open arms, a society which makes an important contribution to the global development of science, technology, knowledge and culture. Therefore, nothing could be more misleading than speaking of a ’society behind walls’.

Israel is a nation open to the world.

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