Ambassadör Ben-Dov svarar Svenska kyrkan

Ambassadör Ben-Dov svarar Svenska kyrkan

I ett inlägg på Facebook svarar ambassadör Ilan Ben-Dov Svenska kyrkans senaste utspel:

”Once again, the Swedish Church is being so gracious as to declare that it is not opposed to the right of Israel to exist. Indeed a tremendous achievement!

And yet again, I will remind us all that Israel in no way needs the  ”approval” of the Church of Sweden for its existence. Israel is the National Home of the Jewish people. It is founded upon the inalienable, natural and historic right of the Jewish people to a state in its ancient homeland since time immemorial.

This right is not in any way negotiable and certainly does not need the approval of the Church of Sweden!

The language used by the Church of Sweden only serves as concealment and disguise for its persistent hostility to Israel.

Questions should be asked about why it is that the Church of Sweden chooses to act as a purely political body, which is preaching to Israel about the nature of its future borders and the status of its capital city. These are questions to be discussed between politicians. The Church of Sweden would do best to avoiding acting in the manner of a political lobby.

We once again call for the Church of Sweden to stop its patronizing, arrogant and condescending approach to the State of Israel.”

Länk till ambassadörens Facebook. 

Foto: Jonatan Svensson Glad/Wikimedia Commons

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