Ambassadören: “En ny form av terrorism har uppstått”

Ambassadören: “En ny form av terrorism har uppstått”

Ambassadör Ilan Ben-Dov skriver om en ny form av terrorism och internationell medias ointresse att rapportera om detta:

I would like to share with you news from Israel that is unfortunately not sufficiently covered by the international media:

Dozens of Israeli towns and communities are under attack for years by rockets and mortar shells launched by Hamas terrorists from Gaza.

Normally, you never hear about the town of Sderot, Kibbutz Or-Haner, Kibbutz Beeri, Kibbutz Yad Mordichai, Kibbutz Karmia, Netiv Haasara, Ein Hashlosha or Nahal Oz and many other Israeli communities on the border with Gaza suffering for many years from terrorist attacks.

Last week, a kindergarten near the border was attacked. The shell hit the kindergarten just a few minutes before the children were supposed to arrive in the morning.

In the last few weeks, a new form of terrorism has emerged. Palestinian terrorists are flying kites carrying flammable substances and explosives into Israeli territory, igniting fires in rural areas, woods and natural reserves.

Two days ago, a forest next to Kibbutz Beeri was almost completely burned down. The forest was planted by the founders of the kibbutz in 1946.

All these attacks are carried out by Hamas, an organization that calls for the destruction of the State of Israel.

The attacks in question are aimed at purely civilian targets: schools, kindergartens, private homes and the agricultural installations which provides the livelihood of the inhabitants.

It is very much to be regretted that it is only when Israel find it absolutely necessary to meet its duty and obligation to protect its civilian citizens that the interest of the media is roused…

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