Ambassadören om den iranske utrikesministerns besök till Stockholm

Ambassadören om den iranske utrikesministerns besök till Stockholm
På sin Facebook-sida skriver ambassadör Ilan Ben-Dov om den iranske utrikesministerns besök till Stockholm denna vecka:


Some Swedish politicians, who for years have been preaching to Israel – the only democratic state in the Middle East – about human rights and morality, do not see any problem in welcoming with open arms the Iranian Foreign Minister. This is a man who represents the regime of the Mullahs, with its massive support for international terrorism and blatant disregard for the very basic dignity and rights of the human person.

In addition to all of this, those same Swedish politicians who present themselves as fighters against anti-Semitism extend their hands to the Foreign Minister of a country which is denying the Holocaust and is making genocidal calls for the destruction of the Jewish State.

The basic assumption that a dialogue with the Islamist Ayatollah regime in Iran can lead to a positive change, a progress of democratization or a shift towards a more moderate stance has proven to be utterly wrong.

Not only have the many years of the so called “critical dialogue” not changed anything. It has only served to legitimize the mullah regime and give it a license to continue supporting international terrorism and to destabilize the international system.

In a similar manner, international trade with Iran is allowing the Iranian treasury to maintain its massive support – amounting to billions of dollars – for numerous terrorist organizations across the world.

The Iranian regime, the Iranian intelligence services and the Iranian “Revolutionary Guards” are serving as the spearhead of political destabilization in the whole world.

Especially in the Middle East, wherever there is violence, killing, suffering and misery, there is to be found Iranian involvement. Iran is supporting numerous terrorist organizations such as Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad, Hamas and others. All of this, motivated by the Iranian wish to export the so called “Iranian revolution”.

The nuclear agreement with Iran (known as the JCPOA) is not stopping Iran from continuing its attempts to develop nuclear weapons. The wish to become a nuclear power is based upon the aspiration to become the dominant power in the Middle East and beyond.

A nuclear Iran should be a nightmare for all peace-loving countries in the world.

Beyond its wish to develop nuclear weapons, Iran is investing billions in developing long-range missiles. The Iranian missiles program has only one aim – to produce carriers for its nuclear weapons which will be able to strike targets in all locations in the Middle East and Europe.

Since the very first day of the “Iranian revolution”, Iran is systematically and brutally violating all human rights: the rights of women, the LGBT community, religious minorities, political opponents, freedom of speech, the right to establish a free opposition and much more.

Any dialogue with Iran will only serve as an encouragement for the Iranian regime to continue its denial of the Holocaust as well as to continue its calls for the destruction of the Jewish State.

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