Ambassadören om det svenska anförandet i FN:s säkerhetsråd

Once again, we are reading an unbalanced Swedish statement in the UN Security Council, regarding the recent events in Gaza.

• The basic Swedish premise, a false equivalence between Israel and Hamas referred to as the “parties” is utterly wrong and baseless.

There are no two equal sides here. Israel is a democracy, based on the rule of law and committed to individual liberties and human rights. Hamas on the other hand, is a Jihadist terrorist organization. Its raison d’être, the very reason for its existence, is a culture of hatred and violence and the call to annihilate the Jewish state.

• The Swedish attempt to once again connect the situation in Gaza to the old mantra of the so called “occupation” has no foundation whatsoever. For Hamas, as well as the Islamic Jihad, the very existence of a Jewish state is considered “occupation”. For them, Jews have simply no right to a state of their own. In addition to this, of course, it is surprising to say the least, that the Swedish statement completely ignores the full Israeli withdrawal from Gaza in August 2005 – which included the evacuation of all Jewish communities, with an aim to promote peace. This was answered by Hamas attacks against Israeli civilians which have been going on until this day.

• The Swedish declaration ignores the suffering of hundreds of thousands of Israeli citizens – among them large numbers of children who have been living under a constant barrage of rockets for the last eight years. Large numbers of them are traumatized from the many nights spent in bomb shelters. It also ignores all of the terrible fires deliberately caused by sending burning and inflammable materials across the border. In addition to all of the above, the statement makes no mention of the more than 500 rockets that were launched by Hamas against Israel last week.

• The Swedish call for humanitarian support for Gaza is more than welcome. Indeed, humanitarian support for the citizens of Gaza is needed and justified. However, such support will be meaningless as long as Hamas will use this aid to spend millions to produce rockets, missiles and to build terror tunnels instead of seeking the welfare of its citizens.

• A “holistic approach” to Gaza as called for by the Swedes must include as a first step the removal of Hamas tyranny in Gaza.

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