Ambassadören om hovrättens dom efter attacken mot synagogan i Göteborg

A Swedish Court of Appeals overturned a deportation order against a Palestinian criminal who firebombed a synagogue in the city of Gothenburg last year, declaring that if deported, his “basic humanitarian rights would not be secure”, meaning that the Court fears retaliation by the State of Israel.

Israel is a democratic country, based on Rule of Law. We are thus deeply concerned with the Court’s highly prejudicial and politicized verdict.

In its conclusions, the Court has shown blatant ignorance regarding Israel’s independent Judiciary that has gained international reputation, and certainly the only one of its kind in the Middle East.

It also excuses, and therefore legitimizes, the actions of a violent Anti-Semite as acceptable political criticism by stating that his hostility is not towards Jews in general but due to his vengeful attitude towards Israel.

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