Ambassadören om upptrappningen i Gaza

Remarks on the recent escalation in Gaza

Over the last 24 hours, the Islamist terror organization Hamas has launched more than 100 rockets and missiles against Israeli civilians.

As I write these lines, hundreds of thousands of Israelis are seeking refuge in shelters in Israel’s south  – all of this during the summer vacation of the children.

I should like to remind us all again:

Israel has completely evacuated the Gaza strip, in 2005. It did so in the hope that the Palestinian Authority would use this opportunity to invest money donated by foreign countries to develop the civilian infrastructure: building schools, universities, new roads, water and electricity infrastructure and so forth.

Instead of doing this, Hamas, a radical Islamist terror organization – which has as its main goal the destruction of the State of Israel – violently took over.

Rather than devoting its efforts to the well-fare of the citizens, Hamas has been investing hundreds of millions in purchasing weapons, ammunition and digging terror tunnels through which it tries to attack Israeli civilians. Instead of investing in education it is training the youth in the use of weapons and violence and poisoning its minds with hatred and incitement.

There are those who try to blame Israel for imposing an alleged ”blockade” on Gaza. This is simply not true.

To the contrary, hundreds of trucks carrying food, basic necessities, medicine and fuel are entering the Gaza Strip each day. Not only that Israel does not stand in the way of any supplies to Gaza – it encourages the transfer of merchandise.

Israel has no conflict with the citizens of Gaza. We do however have a conflict with Hamas, which is recognized to be a terrorist organization also by the European Union.

Once again, it should be made very clear: Israel is seeking peace and good neighborly relations with Gaza.  Having said that, this will not be possible for as long as Gaza is ruled by a terrorist organization which knows of nothing but terror, hatred and violence.

To the people of Gaza, Hamas is offering only the prospects  of misery and war. They deserve a much better future.

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