Ambassadören: ”Vi avvisar skarpt de grundlösa anklagelserna mot Israel”

Ambassadören: ”Vi avvisar skarpt de grundlösa anklagelserna mot Israel”
Ambassadör Ilan Ben-Dov kommenterar den svenska regeringens nyligen antagna strategi för utvecklingssamarbetet med den palestinska myndigheten:
The Swedish government has announced the adoption of a new strategy for development cooperation with the Palestinian Authority. The 5-year strategy includes a budget of SEK 1.5 billion.
One should welcome the decision of the Swedish government to generously support the PA.
However, we strongly and utterly reject the unfounded and baseless allegations against Israel which were included in this announcement.
The Swedish government is accusing Israel of being ”a fundamental obstacle to the development of Palestine”.
The Swedish Government goes even further than this and accuses Israel – and only Israel – with a long list of alleged wrongdoings based on a totally unbalanced and one-sided, partial narrative, including reference to certain decisions which at the time had not even been taken.
We strongly regret that, once again, we are witnessing a biased Swedish attitude which completely ignores Israel’s most basic interests and security needs. This policy damages not only the bilateral relations between Israel and Sweden, but also the ability of Sweden to play a constructive role for peace between Israelis and Palestinians.
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Foto: Skärmbild, SVT Agenda

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