Ambassadörens nyårshälsning

Inför det judiska nyåret, Rosh Hashana, önskar ambassadör Ilan Ben-Dov ett gott nytt år med en nyårshälsning på Facebook:

”On Sunday evening, we shall be celebrating the Jewish New Year 5779.

I would like to take this occasion to wish us all a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

In the Jewish tradition, the beginning of a new year signifies opportunities and new beginnings.

The New Year’s Eve is also the Swedish election evening. Without connection to the outcome of the elections, I certainly hope that the new year to come will bring a significant improvement of any future Swedish government with regard to its policies vis-à-vis Israel.

In all my travels across Sweden, I meet innumerable Swedes who express their profound love and support for Israel.

In the last year, I was very happy to see the dramatic increase in the number of Swedish tourists visiting Israel. Tens of thousands of Swedes – mainly young people – enjoy the fascinating Israeli experience which combines a creative and dynamic society with 3500 years of history.

I am convinced that in the coming year we will strengthen the friendship between Swedes and Israelis in all spheres of life.


P.S. It is a Jewish tradition for the New Year to dip apple in honey for a sweet year to come.”

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