Är inte judiskt blod rött nog? undrar ambassadör Bachman

Yesterday´s horrific killing of a young Jewish couple in front of their four small kids – to the best of my knowledge (and search) – has received no coverage whatsoever in Swedish media.

A brutal and cowardly crime – motivated by the unceasing incitement and hatred propagated under the Palestinian Authority against Israelis and Jews alike – it has shocked the Israeli nation and the world. Expressions of dismay, condemnation and of sympathy with the bereaved children, have been forthcoming at home and abroad.

Indeed, this is only one of the numerous, ongoing terrorist attacks against Israeli civilians in the last few months only,which result from the incitement and education for hatred in the Palestinian territories. The international community does so little to stop this ongoing Palestinian conduct,despite the great potential leverage and impact of major international donors, such as Sweden, on the Palestinian Authority.

Dozens and dozens of similar attacks – shootings, stabbings, toddlers deliberately being run over with cars – routinely receive next to zero, if any, coverage in Swedish media. We also hear no condolences or condemnations from officials Swedish bodies, from political parties or the Foreign Ministry.

Why is it that the price attached to Palestinian lives – at least when lost in the course of Israeli self-defense but less obviously so if taken in Israel´s neighbouring countries such as Syria – does not seem to be the same for Israelis?

What would it take for so many activists, politicians and journalists in Sweden that cry out against Israeli actions – reluctantly taken in self-defense and with the greatest of precautions – to forcefully and unequivocally first recognize and then condemn willful killing of innocent Israeli civilians?
Could it be that Jewish blood – God forbid – is not red enough…?!

Isaac Bachman

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  1. Martin  10/03/2015 at 12:18

    Jag tycker nog att svensk media är pro-Israel. Man kanske dock resonerar att Israel är den starkare parten, därför borde man ta ett större ansvar i frågan Palestina-Israel. Dock är det för djävligt när våld drabbar en och de drabbade har mina fulla sympatier. Mina tankar är med dem.


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