DLD Tel Aviv 2014: All The Best Events At Israel Innovation Week

The DLD Tel Aviv Conference, part of Israel’s Innovation Week, is the largest international high tech gathering held for the fourth consecutive year in the beautiful, bustling startup metropolis of Tel Aviv. The city is the epicenter of the Startup Nation, housing international development centers for big names like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft and home to some of the most successful startups and venture capital investors in the world.

The municipality of Tel Aviv, together with DLD co-chairmen Yossi Vardi and Hubert Burda, invite delegations and guests from nearly 22 countries to join in the festivities, sharing knowledge on the breakthrough sectors of mobile apps. gaming, wearables and cybersecurity. Many of the events are located in and around Tel Aviv’s vibrant Rothschild Boulevard, which features some of the city’s best restaurants and bars, as well as many of Israel’s leading startups and incubators.

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