doc.israel. 2016: Where is Elle-Kari and What Happened to Noriko San?

Every year doc.israel.invites a film director to meet the audience after screening. This year we chose Dvorit Shargal to speak about her film “Where is Elle-Kari and What Happened to Noriko San?”
Dvorit has been touring Israel and international festivals around the world with her film, since it is a unique story.

Following her dream, Dvorit looked for her childhood heroes from a book series written by Astrid Lindgren, that was popular in Israel in the 60’s. Her journey took her to Lapland to meet with Elle-Kari, to Japan to meet with Noriko San, and eventually to Israel.

Shown across the world, the film has been a huge attraction for all ages, from 60 years olds who grew up on the book series to 8 years old dreaming of meeting their book hero.

We invite you all to come and watch the film and meet Dvorit Shargal. We promise you a fascinating evening with literature, dreams and new cultures.

Click on here for more information about the festival and the film.


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