Frank Sinatra och Israel

Visste du att Frank Sinatra var en hängiven anhängare till Israel och ofta kampanjade för och samlade in pengar till ändamål i Israel?
”The figure of this young country hits you the minute you see its uniformed men and women…Only yesterday, they were on the run fleeing Nazis and other enemies and now they stand firmly rooted in the soil they revived through their own sweat and blood. Today, they hold open the gates to the oppressed Jews of many lands, and to adventurous spirits in the free world who wish to join them on the path half finished. With one hand, the people of Israel protect their hearts and homes, and with the other, they build a better society. Only 14 years old on this independence day, Israel has a long way to go. In the spirit of human brotherhood we Americans salute the pioneers of Israel steadfast and strong.”. 

Läs mer om Frank Sinatras engagemang för Israel på Israel Forever.

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