Handelskammaren Sverige-Israels Trade Award 2020 tilldelas TechBuddy

Handelskammaren Sverige-Israels Trade Award 2020 tilldelas TechBuddy
TechBuddy, ett av Europas ledande plattformsföretag för tekniksupport, har idag tilldelats Handelskammaren Sverige-Israels Trade Award 2020.
Handelskammaren Sverige-Israels Trade Award lyfter företag, organisationer eller personer som väsentligt bidrar till att öka affärssamarbetet mellan Sverige och Israel.
Så här skriver ambassadör Ben-Dov:
”Today I spoke at the Sweden-Israel Chamber of Commerce Trade Award 2020 prize ceremony, where the Swedish startup TechBuddy Sverige, one of the leading digital platforms for tech support, was awarded for significantly contributing to increasing business cooperation between Sweden and Israel.
“TechBuddy has demonstrated that Israel is a high-potential market for Swedish platform-based business models in an emerging gig-economy. They have not only established themselves and demonstrated rapid growth in Israel, but have also attracted significant local investments as well as playing a crucial role reducing the isolation for elderly under numerous lock-downs during the year of COVID-19,” comments Peter Alberius, Chairman of the Sweden-Israel Chamber of Commerce.
The case of TechBuddy in Israel is an excellent example of the growing number of Swedish companies doing business in Israel and Israeli companies doing business in Sweden.
This is also an opportunity to encourage more people and companies to join the Sweden-Israel Chamber of Commerce. For more information, please visit their website at https://www.swedenisraelchamberofcommerce.com.”

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