Här är Israels nya regering

Government Ministers
Benjamin Netanyahu   Prime Minister , Minister of Health, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Minister of Communications, Minister of Regional Cooperation
Silvan Shalom   Vice Prime Minister , Minister of Internal Affairs
Ofir Akunis   Minister Without Portfolio
Uri Yehuda Ariel   Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development
David Azoulay   Minister of Religious Services
Ze`ev Binyamin Begin   Minister Without Portfolio
Naftali Bennett   Minister of Education, Minister of Jerusalem and Diaspora Affairs
Danny Danon   Minister of Science, Technology, and Space
Aryeh Machluf Deri   Minister of the Economy, Minister of the Development of the Negev and Galil
Zeev Elkin   Minister of Immigration and Absorption
Gilad Erdan   Minister of Internal Security, Minister of Strategic Affairs, Minister of Information
Avi Gabai   Minister of Environmental Protection
Yoav Gallant   Minister of Construction
Gila Gamliel   Minister for Senior Citizens
Moshe Kahlon   Minister of Finance
Haim Katz   Minister of Welfare and Social Services
Yisrael Katz   Minister of Transportation and Road Safety, Minister of Intelligence and Atomic Energy
Yariv Levin   Minister of Tourism
Miri Regev   Minister of Culture and Sport
Ayelet Shaked   Minister of Justice
Yuval Steinitz   Minister of National Infrastructure, Energy, and Water
Moshe Ya`alon   Minister of Defense
Deputy Ministers
Eli Ben-Dahan   Deputy Minister in the Ministry of Defense
Yitzhak Cohen   Deputy Minister in the Ministry of Finance
Tzipi Hotovely   Deputy Minister in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Ayoob Kara   Deputy Minister in the Ministry of Regional Cooperation
Yakov Litzman   Deputy Minister in the Ministry of Health
Meshulam Nahari   Deputy Minister in the Ministry of Welfare and Social Services
Meir Porush   Deputy Minister in the Ministry of Education


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