Historiskt fredsavtal signerat

Historiskt fredsavtal signerat
Igår signerades det historiska fredsavtalet mellan Israel, Förenade Arabemiraten och Bahrain. Ambassadör Ben-Dov kommenterar fredsavtalet på sin Facebook-sida:
Yesterday, we have seen a historic and dramatic turning point in the history of the Middle East.
The historic signing of the peace and normalization agreements between Israel, the UAE and Bahrain is a further step – a very important and significant one – in the process of peace making between Israel and the Arab and Muslim world.
Following the peace agreements that Israel has signed in the past with Egypt and Jordan, these two new agreements are further steps in fulfilling the dream of all Israelis – namely the wish to live in peace with all of our neighbours in the Middle East.
It is to be expected that further Arab nations will shortly follow suit. The extensive cooperation that is now being established in a large variety of important fields including the economy, research, technology, finances, trade and tourism will pave the way for huge growth and will open countless new opportunities for the benefit of millions of people.
It is very encouraging to see how more and more people in the Arab and Islamic world understand that living in peace with Israel is not only possible but desirable and beneficial and ushers in a bright future of progress, prosperity and hope.
I would like to thank all of our Swedish friends for expressing their sincere support at this very important historic moment.

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