International Birdwatching Competition April 2014

Thick-billed Lark - Ramphocoris clotbey - Thomas Krumenacker

Thick-billed Lark – Ramphocoris clotbey – Thomas Krumenacker

Champions of the Flyaways


The “Champions of the Flyway” is a major international fund-raising bird race based on the concept of the American Big Day. Competing teams from around the world will try to log as many species as possible in a 24 hour period in one of the world’s finest migration destinations, Eilat.

The goal is to raise money for a conservation cause, part of the Birdlife International “Flyways” program. Competing teams will represent various organisations from around the world including companies, global birding media and of course international BirdLife Partner organisations. The event will generate significant regional and global media coverage and will be accompanied by a major marketing and communications campaign.
As part of the package, participating teams will benefit from their own tailored marketing campaign in global media channels valued at several times more than the package costs.

The Team Value Package
Estimated Media Value :
$35,000 per team

As part of every Champions of the Flyway team package, teams will
receive an individual, tailored marketing campaign across global media
channels worth $35,000. This makes participation in the Champions event
exceptional value.
Each participating team will enjoy the following:
Your own team section on “Champions of the Flyway Web Hub” hosted on
BirdLife International’s website
BirdLife International’s website has an audience of some 150,000 unique
users per month. As a participating team, your organisation will have its
own dedicated section of the site. Your section will include logos, images,
written promotional content about your company as well as a ’blog’ area
that allows you to contribute to the content of the hub
• Your own high-impact Digital Ad Campaign
We will run a personalised advertising campaign across our partner, Digital
Spring’s large portfolio of global and regional birding and wildlife websites
driving traffic to your hub and your organisation.
• Your logo and branding on all marketing materials
Your company or organisation logo will be represented on all advertising
and marketing materials for the ‘Champions’ event, which will be delivered
over a 4 month period to all of the largest birding and wildlife websites/
print titles globally
• Coverage of your team in Results
Featured logos and coverage in the results marketing and promotional
• Video Coverage featuring your team
Your team will be featured in the “Champions of the Flyway” video series
which will be broadcast online across some of the world’s largest birding

The event itself will take place in Eilat, Israel on April 1st 2014 and teams will consist of 3 birders
and up. Scouting for the race will begin on March 28th when teams will receive their vehicles.
Since teams will arrive during the 2014 Eilat Birds Festival they will greatly benefit from the info
collected by birders on the ground.
The Team Package for the event includes:
– 5 nights accommodation
(March 28th-April 2nd 2014)
– Half Board.
– Hire Car
(gas is on you during the race)
– Race registration fees
– Reception dinner (March 28th) and
Awards ceremony brunch (April 2nd)
Team Prices:
– Team of 3 in 3 Single rooms : $5,130
– Team of 3 in 2 rooms: $4,765
– Team of 4 in 2 Double rooms: $5,200
Extensions are possible, please let us know if you need extra nights.
photo by Barak Granit Email to for more information.

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