Israel fördömer Irans provskjutning av ballistiska markrobotar

Israel uppmanar nu det internationella samfundet att reagera hårt mot den iranska robotuppskjutning som är en del i landets arbete att utveckla ballistiska markrobotar.

Israel condemns the recent Iranian ballistic missile test launches. The range of these missiles includes all of Israel and large parts of the Middle East, a region currently engaged in a bloody conflict resulting in waves of refugees fleeing to countries in the region and in Europe. The commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards stated to the media that most of Iran’s missile arsenal covers Israeli territory.

The test firing of ballistic missiles constitutes a gross violation of UNSC Resolution 2231, which confirmed the nuclear agreement between Iran and the powers. The resolution restricts Iran from launching missiles capable of carrying a nuclear warhead – the same missiles that Iran test-fired this week. The development of ground-to-ground missiles with nuclear warhead capability calls into question Iran’s’ intentions to comply in full with the nuclear agreement.

Iran continues to dismiss the international community’s demands and to develop its aggressive capabilities. It seems the Zarif-Rouhani ”smile campaign” is nothing more than a smoke screen to disguise the real intentions of the ayatollah regime.

Israel calls on the international community to react firmly and decisively against further Iranian missile launches and Iran’s continuing development of ground-to-ground missiles – a violation of the Security Council resolution. Iran’s ballistic missile program must stop.

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