Israel reopens its embassy in Egypt

The Israeli embassy in Egypt has reopened after four years in which a political “tsunami” swept the Middle East, changing its face forever. The dramatic events that took place in Cairo exactly four years ago forced the Israeli diplomats to evacuate the Israeli embassy. During the past four years, they have been working under complex conditions; reestablishing the embassy is expected to make ongoing diplomatic activity much easier.

A delegation headed by Foreign Ministry Director General Dore Gold arrived in Cairo on Wednesday (9 September) to mark the festive occasion. The ceremony was attended by Egypt’s Deputy Chief of Protocol, the American ambassador to Egypt, and the Israeli embassy staff headed by Ambassador Chaim Koren. The dedication ceremony included the raising of the Israeli flag, speeches, and the unveiling of the embassy sign and the emblem of the State of Israel. The national anthems of the two states concluded the ceremony.

Director General Dore Gold said, “Under the leadership of PM Benjamin Netanyahu and Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, we succeeded in driving away the threats, and we’re working together for the sake of stability and prosperity in the Middle East. Egypt will always be the largest and most important state in our region; it is no wonder that the Arab world calls it ‘Umm al-Dunya’ – mother of the world.”

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