Israelisk modern dans på Orionteatern!

På Orionteatern 18, 19 och 26 februari

Dear Friends,

We are happy to invite you to an Israeli contemporary dance project which is finally coming to Stockholm to perform in Orionteatern with an interactive choreography night רצועותBAND on the 18th, 19th,  and 26th of February!

The performance will consist of two parts. Headlining performance is a trio רצועותBAND, choreography by Julia Kraus Dybeck (Sweden) and Eyar Blumberg (Israel). Dancers: Noah Mamrud, Julia Kraus Dybeck Eyar Blumberg. The evening will start with an opening installation with direct audience interaction (original idea and choreography by the Israeli choreographer Maya Brinner).

רצועותBAND deals with isolation, multiple identities and different perceptions of reality.

When interacting with life becomes difficult and incomprehensible, our dreams and inner visions become our safe resort.

It is very important to us to see you there and to engage in a dialogue about our work.

Please check out our promo trailer (, Pictures, Facebook and Twitter pages!

Tickets can be booked via Orionteatern: / 08-643 88 80

Looking forward to seeing you in Stockholm!

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