Israels FN-ambassadör: ”Hamas är angriparen”

”Hamas är angriparen. Hamas är den som begår krigsförbrytelser. Hamas är den som är fast besluten att maximera antalet offer och aggression.”

Läs hela uttalandet som gavs till UN Human Rights Council av ambassadör Aviva Raz Shechter, Israels ständiga representant  vid FN i Geneve:

Today, this Council served for hours a floor for incitement and spreading lies against Israel.

– hours spent on naming and shaming Israel. Five hours of ludicrous statements and alleged human rights recommendations, made by some of the worse human rights violators.
– hours spent on blaming Israel, for protecting its citizens from a bloodthirsty terrorist organization.

Before voting on this shameful resolution, I urge you to take the opportunity to act with morality. Don’t succumb to political manipulations of the facts. Don’t allow this Council to become a playground for human rights abusers.

Despite the facts presented to you, you chose to reward Hamas’ terror! You preferred to support the Palestinians’ delegitimization effort rather than constructive dialogue with Israel!

So let me be very clear: Throughout the entire escalation of events, Israel has always acted with maximum restraint, fully committed to international law.

The IDF makes great efforts to minimize any incidental harm that may be caused to civilians.

Yet, the supporters of this resolution have no interest in the facts!
Israel is a sovereign country, a vibrant democracy, with an independent judicial system, governed by the rule of law. In this light, Israel has activated the General Staff Fact Finding Assessment Mechanism to examine pertinent incidents.

We have no need for a UN mandated COI, nor for any other external investigative body to determine what is already being investigated by the State of Israel, in a transparent, credible and prompt manner. This biased resolution creates a new mechanism, entrusted with a counterproductive mandate, and undermines the principles of objectivity and impartiality.

Hamas is the aggressor. Hamas is the one committing war crimes. Hamas is the one determined to maximize casualties and aggression.
It’s time to open your eyes to realities and your mind to the truth.

The resolution before you today makes no mention of Palestinian violence and incitement. This resolution entirely disregards Israel’s right and legal duty to defend its citizens.

Simply put, with this resolution, this Council has reached a new height of hypocrisy, and the lowest standards of credibility!

Unfortunately, the automatic anti-Israel majority of this Council will once again prevail – and the resolution before you will be adopted.

But, this won’t change anything on the ground. Israel will continue to defend its citizens, while respecting its international commitments; and as long as this Council maintains its discriminatory attitude towards Israel, none of its resolutions will ever be taken seriously.

We simply do not have the luxury to trust a body, which has never cared for the rights of the Israelis.

This resolution is void of any sense, and deserves nothing less than being torn apart!

Thank you.

Foto: ITU Pictures from Geneva, Switzerland [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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