Judiska centralrådet protesterar mot polskt lagförslag

Judiska Centralrådet i Sverige protesterar mot det polska lagförslag som gör det straffbart att lasta Polen för nazisternas folkmord under andra världskriget.


Dear Mr. Ambassador,

I am writing this letter to you following the decision by the Lower House of the Polish Parliament to adopt a bill that will criminalize anyone that accuses the Polish nation or state of  complicity with Nazi crimes, or who refers to Nazi German death camps as being Polish. As you are well aware of, the international community has recently commemorated the Holocaust Remembrance Day marking the 73rd anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz, located in the town of Oswiecim in the south of Poland.

During the war many Poles stood heroically by their Jewish friends and saved them from a certain death. But it is also a fact that many Poles committed crimes against the Jewish population by aiding the German Nazis in their endeavor to exterminate all Polish Jews. We are confident that this legislation will not help further the exposure of historical truth and may harm freedom of research, as well as prevent discussion of the historical message and legacy Of World War II. No distortion of the truth or denying the Holocaust can ever be tolerated.

We therefore ask you to convey our strong protest to the Polish parliament and government.



Aron Verständig

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