Livesändning av den israeliska månlandningen vid Gamla observatoriet i Stockholm

Astronomisk ungdom livesänder den israeliska månlandningen på storskärm utanför Gamla Observatoriet i Stockholm imorgon kväll. Representanter från Swedish Space Corporation kommer att vara på plats för att prata om deras del i projektet. 

Länk till FB-eventet:

”Join us Thursday evening at the Old Observatory in Stockholm to follow the livestream of the unmanned spacecraft Beresheet as it lands on the moon! The livestream will be shown on a very large 15 square meter LED-screen, enough to be viewed by a thousand people or more! Everyone can come and enjoy the atmosphere.

Beresheet is a lunar lander made by the Israeli nonprofit organisation SpaceIL with the aim of promoting interest and careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. It was launched on 22 February on a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket, and if successful, it would be the first private lander on the moon and Israel would become the fourth country in the world to place a spacecraft on the lunar surface.

Come and witness this historical event together with us! You will also be able to observe the night sky through our telescopes if the sky is clear.

The Swedish Space Corporation, SSC, is responsible for the communication with the spacecraft. A representative from SSC will be present to talk about Sweden’s contribution to the mission.


Information about the spacecraft:
Beresheet is a demonstrator of a small robotic lunar lander. The lander was officially named Beresheet (Hebrew: בְּרֵאשִׁית, ”Genesis”) in December 2018.

The spacecraft carries a digital ”time capsule” containing over 30 million pages of data, including a full copy of the English-language Wikipedia, the Torah, children’s drawings, a children’s book inspired by the space launch, memoirs of a Holocaust survivor, Israel’s national anthem (Hatikvah), the Israeli flag, and a copy of the Israeli Declaration of Independence.

Its scientific payload includes a magnetometer supplied by the Israeli Weizmann Institute of Science to measure the local magnetic field, and a laser retroreflector array supplied by NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center to enable precise measurements of the Earth–Moon distance.

The planned landing site is in the north part of the Mare Serenitatis.”

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