Magasin III i Jaffa

Tel Aviv-baserade tidsskriften Telavivian skriver om Haim Steinbachs utställning i nyöppnade Magasin III i Jaffa, Tel Aviv:

Recent works by Steinbach, an Israeli born American artist, are currently on display in Zerubbabel, the artist’s first solo show in his native country. The artworks include two wall paintings, designed in vinyl decal and acrylic paint as enlarged color swatches by Pantone (a company renowned for its color identifying system) in hues of Tutti Frutti pink and cool grey. Handcrafted wood and glass boxes feature tin containers, adorned with color blocks in different Pantone shades. A large wall painting looming over the exhibition space depicts a black silhouette of a lion’s head, superimposed on an ochre yellow surface. The image was drawn from the popular Broadway musical, “The Lion King.” An adjacent box displays a wooden bocce ball, reminiscent of childhood games. 

Läs mer om Haim Steinbach och Magasin III på Telavivian.

Foto: Youval Hai, Magasin III Jaffa

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