Netanyahu besöker Litauen

Netanyahu: Jag är intresserad av att balansera den inte alltid vänliga inställningen mot staten Israel från EU, för att kunna uppnå en inställning som är mer rättvis och genuin mot staten Israel.

Israels statsminister Benjamin Netanyahu är just nu (torsdagen, den 23 augusti 2018) på väg till Litauen:

”I have been invited to the Baltic states summit.  This is the first time that a Prime Minister of Israel will be visiting Lithuania and has been invited to this summit. This reflects Israel’s growing stature around the world.

Of course, we are interested in tightening economic and diplomatic links with these countries just as they are interested in doing the same with us. I am also interested in balancing the not always friendly EU approach toward the State of Israel, in order to achieve an approach that is more fair and genuine to the State of Israel. I do this through contacts with blocs of countries within the EU, the countries of Eastern Europe, [and] now with the Baltic states and, of course, with other states.

Beyond this, during the visit to Lithuania, I will, of course, recall the splendid Jewish community that was there, its great heights and the abyss of the tragedy of the Holocaust. There is also a personal aspect to this. The families of my parents – of blessed memory – came from Lithuania at the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th; I am making this visit also for this.”

Foto: GPO/Amos Ben Gershom


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