Netanyahu lovar att ge svar i FN:s generalförsamling

Netanyahu talar vid European Friends of Israel Conference Foto: GPO


Under sitt besök till Förenta nationerna som denna gång sammanföll med Yom Kippur, den heligaste högtiden inom judendomen, passade Irans ledare Ahmadinejad på att än en gång uppmana till Israels förstörelse.

Premiärminister Netanyahu, som just landat i New York, har meddelat att han kommer ge ett svar under sitt framträdande i generalförsamlingen. Innan han lämnade Israel förmedlades följande uttalande:

”Citizens of Israel,

Tonight, I am leaving for New York to represent the State of Israel at the United Nations.

On the issue of Iran, we are all in agreement on the goal of preventing Iran from achieving nuclear weapons.

On the day when we pray to be inscribed in the Book of Life, a platform was given to a dictatorial regime that strives, at every opportunity, to sentence us to death. On the eve of Yom Kippur, which is sacred to the Jewish people, the Iranian tyrant – before the whole world – chose to publicly call for our disappearance.

This is a black day for those who chose to stay in the hall and listen to such slander.

In my remarks to the UN General Assembly, they will hear my response.

As the Prime Minister of Israel, the state of the Jewish people, I am working in every way so that Iran will not have nuclear weapons. History has proven that those who have wanted to wipe us off the map have failed, as the Jewish people have overcome all obstacles.

We have set up a magnificent state, among the most advanced in the world. Israel is a modern and strong state thanks to the strength and talents of its citizens and to our faith in the justice of our cause.

I wish you all gmar hatima tova!”

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One Response to "Netanyahu lovar att ge svar i FN:s generalförsamling"

  1. Rolf Sjöö  november 16, 2012 at 17:07

    I feel that you Israel are under a feeling of hate from Iranleaders highest level! But With You is someone that is far higher than anybody on this earth! Stay put in faith, believe in Your gifts as country and people! The only democracy in the region and dressed with the best of inhabitants to achive progess in the country!
    Shalom al Israel


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