Netanyahu talar inför Knesset

”Vi kommer att vara hårdhänta med Hamas i Gaza. I ett betydande steg  så stänger vi idag gränsövergången Kerem Shalom. Det kommer att bli ytterligare steg; jag kommer inte att gå in på detaljer.”

Premiärminister Benjamin Netanyahu talade igår, måndagen den 9 juli 2018, inför det israeliska parlamentet, Knesset:

”About Gaza, I have been telling you for some time that I do not intend to publicize in advance all the steps that we are taking or planning. But the Defense Minister and I agree that we will be heavy-handed with the Hamas regime in the Gaza Strip – immediately. In a significant step, today we are closing the Kerem Shalom crossing. There will be additional steps; I will not go into details.”

”In the north: We are safeguarding the State of Israel from threats in the north; you know this. But there are also additional threats in the north, natural threats, from earthquakes. Along with the Finance Minister and the Defense Minister we are preparing a package consisting of a multi-year plan with many resources to deal with the question of earthquakes. We already took an important action with the TAMA 38 construction plan, but there is a need, of course, for additional measures. This will cost a lot of money and will have to be spread over years, but it will be brought to the Cabinet in the coming days.

Lastly, all these steps and many others that I will not detail here, with the economy, diplomacy, security, intelligence and energy, in all matters that members here deal with, all these steps are bearing fruit.

We were recently informed that Israel has currently been ranked as the eighth most powerful country in the world after the US, Russia, China and Japan. Even though we are barely one percent of some of these countries, and have a smaller population than all of them, we are there thanks to the citizens of Israel, thanks to the statesmanship. They say: ’Israel has a presence on the global stage.’ This presence will find expression the day after tomorrow when I meet in Moscow with Russian President Vladimir Putin in order to discuss with him about our two countries’ common interests. These interests, and this relationship, find expression in the close ties with President Trump, of course, and with other leaders.

But in the end, the strength of the State of Israel stems from the talents, commitment, initiatives and faith of the citizens of Israel. So thank you to our marvelous people; it is well represented here.”

Foto: GPO/Amos Ben-Gershom

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