Netanyahu träffar Bulgariens premiärminister Boyko Borissov

”Civilisationen är under attack av en mängd olika krafter – i synnerhet den kraft som är militant islam och den terror som den omfattar. Den attackerar oss, den attackerar araber, den attackerar européer, den attackerar amerikaner, den attackerar alla.”

Premiärminister Benjamin Netanyahu mötte idag Bulgariens premiärminister Boyko Borissov i Jerusalem:

”We are not only personal friends of long duration, but there’s a special friendship between the people of Bulgaria and the people of Israel.

This is expressed again and again in our mutual visits, our frequent conversations. We speak to each other every few weeks, and I appreciate your coming here to honor the Jews of Bulgaria that were saved during the Holocaust.

I appreciate your decision to open an honorary consulate in Jerusalem, and I hope, I hope, I hope it’s the first step towards establishing the Bulgarian embassy in Jerusalem.

We are going to speak about the other areas of cooperation between us in many fields: in cyber, in intelligence, in health, in water and more. But I think beyond the field of common interests, which we have many, there is this deep sympathy and a deep affection for the state of Bulgaria, the people of Bulgaria, from the people of Israel and the Bulgarian Jews who came to Israel.

We feel we are part of the same civilization. That civilization is under attack by a variety of forces, most notably the forces of militant Islam, and the terror it espouses. It attacks us, it attacks Arabs, it attacks Europeans, it attacks Americans, it attacks everyone. And it attacked you in Bulgaria. We’re joined also not only in promoting a good future, but preventing a return to a violent past.

I look forward in our conversation to discuss how we can further strengthen the good, and also further fight the bad to ensure a better future for our own peoples and for the world.

Foto: GPO/Amos Ben Gershom 

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