Ny ordförande för Handelskammaren Sverige-Israel

Ny ordförande för Handelskammaren Sverige-Israel

Peter Alberius, internationell affärsutvecklingschef på RISE Research Institutes of Sweden, är ny ordförande för Handelskammaren Sverige-Israel sedan en tid tillbaka.

Ambassadör Ilan Ben-Dov hälsar Alberius välkommen på sin Facebook-sida:

I am happy to welcome Mr. Peter Alberius, head of international business development at RISE Research Institutes of Sweden, as the new chairman of the Sweden-Israel Chamber of Commerce.

Mr. Alberius, together with the board, brings with him a lot of energy, knowledge, expertise, and experience.
The Chamber of Commerce faces big challenges, as we are seeing a rapid increase in economic relations, trade, and cooperation in the field of innovation between Swedish and Israeli companies.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank our friend Mr. Ulf Birnik, the former chairman of the Chamber, for the many years in which he worked hard to enhance the trade relations.
Ambassadören avslutar med en hälsning från Alberius:
I feel great pride and joy in working with our incredibly competent board to support Swedish-Israeli economic and commercial relations. During the year, we will launch a number of new initiatives, in particular to support innovation exchange between our mutually strong innovation ecosystems. Keep your eyes open, soon we will be launching our first online seminars!
Vi önskar Alberius stort lycka till i sin nya roll!
Du hittar handelskammaren på LinkedIn.

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