Ointresse för judisk-kristen dialog från Svenska kyrkan

I snart sagt varje svar jag får från Svenska kyrkan har dokumentet Guds vägar lyfts fram, skriver Isaac Bachman.

Bachman skriver sin sista replik i debatten med Svenska kyrkan. På sin egen Facebooksida skriver ambassadören:

This is my final retort in the big debate between myself and the Secretary General of the Church of Sweden, published in the official paper of the Church – Kyrkans tidning.

The first item below contains my last remarks. Just below that can be found my major piece launching the whole debate and containing numerous examples of the actions taken by the Church against Israel, some of them almost unbelievable with regard to their open bias and hostility – but amply documented and proven. In parallel with that is described the ongoing devaluation and marginalization of its own Jewish heritage by the Church.

At the bottom can be found the first and final retorts by the Church Secretary General. What becomes sadly evident is that not one single count of criticism – be it former Archbihops meeting with Hamas or boycotting the memory of the Holocaust, anti-Jewish colouring of online net campaigns, behind the scenes political action against Israel or scrapping the Jewish subjects from the curriculum of future priests – is met with anything but the emptiest general declarations and expressions. Declaration and expressions which are unfortunately disproved by the true actions of the Church leadership.

The Church does not know what to answer – maybe then it is time to change policies which do not stand up to scrutiny and which can hardly be defended.”

Läs repliken i Kyrkans tidning här

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