Öppet brev till ärkebiskop Antje Jackelén: Fördöm anklagelsen om “pinkwashing”

Öppet brev till ärkebiskop Antje Jackelén: Fördöm anklagelsen om “pinkwashing”

Idag skrev Israels ambassadör i Sverige Isaac Bachman ett öppet brev till ärkebiskop Antje Jackelén som kan läsas nedan och på:

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Stockholm, August 10 2017

Dear Archbishop Jackelén,

I am writing this letter to express to you my shock and dismay at the comments made by one of the most high-profile representatives of the Church of Sweden in recent years, Reverend Anna-Karin Hammar, implying that the equal rights of LGBT people in Israel – including the many Palestinians and Arabs who have fled for their lives from their communities of birth to find acceptance in Israeli society at large – is nothing but a clever stunt and publicity ploy to cover up our alleged crimes (“pinkwashing”).

I will not have to tell you that the justified outrage at these despicable accusations – in the media and among the general public at large – has been next to universal. This is simply taking the ongoing demonization and distortion of Israeli reality one step too far.

Given the absolute key role Reverend Ann-Karin Hammar has played in both the formal and unofficial Church establishment over many years, it is inconceivable that the Church would not formally relate to the implications of the comments she has made – and to the loud and clear voice of the public, which constitute its members.

A religious establishment priding itself of the highest ethical and moral standards, certainly cannot shy away from such a responsibility. Anything less than that – such as the few evasive comments we have seen from the Church – cannot be interpreted in terms other than a tacit approval. Of course, Reverend Hammar is not just anybody within the Church, but formerly a candidate for Archbishop herself and also a member of the Doctrinal Council of the Church – its highest religious authority.

It is highly remarkable and profoundly troubling that the Church – while never shy or hesitant to speak out with its multiple criticisms against Israel – has not found it necessary to clearly reject or condemn the outrageous accusations by Reverend Anna-Karin Hammar. Given the very evasive nature of the Church’s comments to the serious matter at hand – in stark contrast to the loud and clear voice of the general public – I have taken the decision to also publish this as an open letter, for maximum transparency and awareness. I also assume that many of those Church members and other members of the public troubled by the unfair treatment of Israel will take the opportunity to express their criticisms and concerns directly to the Church, in the hope to set the record straight.

With my best regards – and looking forward to your answer,

Isaac Bachman
Ambassador of Israel

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