Palestinian monument honoring murderer of 15 Israelis must be torn down

A must see clip with Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs Director General – Dore Gold.
Mr. Gold is relating how 40 years ago – as a 22 year student in Jerusalem – he came to witness the absolute horror of the large terrorist attack in Zion Square, claiming 15 innocent lives and wounding 77 people.

Now the Palestinian Authority has decided to erect a monument in honour of the mastermind behind this cowardly and horrendous crime, which is to serve as a role model for future Palestinian generations.

This terrible insult to the value of human life must be condemned in the strongest possible terms and the monument torn down, as passionately urged by Director General Gold. The world cannot afford to continue to turn a blind eye to the incitement and glorification of violence. For in the words of Mr Gold: ’Negotiations require a culture of peace – not a culture of death’!

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