Premiärminister Netanyahu och förbundskansler Angela Merkel möts i Berlin

Premiärminister Netanyahu är i Tyskland för att bland annat träffa förbundskansler Angela Merkel.

I sitt anförande sa Netanyahu bland annat att:

”Terroristerna är tydliga med vad de eftersträvar. De berättar om det på sina facebooksidor och helt öppet efter att de arresterats. De säger alla att de vill döda israeler, inte på grund av att de är frustrerade på grund av fredsprocessen utan för att de vill döda judar och utplåna staten Israel. Jag önskar att det inte behövde vara så här. Israel vill ha fred. Jag vill ha fred – en fred som bygger på ett ömsesidigt erkännande och säkerhet där Israel kan försvara sig.”

Här kan ni läsa talet i sin helhet:

Chancellor Merkel, Angela, I want to thank you for your hospitality and for your unrelenting support for Israel in good times and difficult times and your continued support for Israel’s security as a basic commitment that doesn’t fluctuate. It’s deeply appreciated by me, by the government of Israel, by all the people of Israel.

I come to Berlin at a difficult time. Yesterday we had three more terror attacks. In the past few weeks we had close to 40 terrorist attacks, in which Palestinian terrorists have tried to murder Israelis with knives, with axes, with guns, even with cars.

These terrorists are quite plain about what they seek. They say so in their Facebook pages and openly, after they’re caught, those who are not killed. They all say that they are killing Israelis, not because they’re frustrated by a lack of progress in the peace process, because they care nothing for peace, these terrorists. The simple truth is that they want to kill Jews and destroy the State of Israel all together. I wish it weren’t so. Israel wants peace. I want peace – a peace founded on mutual recognition in iron-clad security arrangements in which Israel could defend itself by itself.

But not only do the Palestinians refuse to negotiate. The also refuse to condemn terrorism. It’s even worse, because President Abbas has joined the Islamists in inciting the recent waves of violence. He and his official websites and spokesmen both in the Palestinian Authority and Fatah have said that Israel is intent on violating the status quo on the Temple Mount. That is false. We maintain the status quo and it’s our firm policy to continue to maintain the status quo of prayers for Muslims and visits by Jews, Christians and others.

His websites are saying that we are seeking to destroy the al-Aqsa Mosque. That is false. We maintain the sanctity of all holy sites, and in the Middle East where militant Shi’ites and militant Sunnis are blowing each other’s mosques to smithereens and destroying ancient heritage sites, Israel is the only guarantor in Jerusalem and elsewhere in our country for the sanctity of holy sites for all faiths.

Unfortunately, Abbas has said that he welcomes, and I quote, ’every drop of blood spilled in Jerusalem.’ End quote. He has not denounced a single one of these dozens of terrorist attacks on Israelis over the last month.

I am raising this because it’s very clear to us that incitement leads to terror. And so, if we want to have peace, we have to stop terror. And to stop terror we have to stop incitement. And I think it’s important that the international community demand of President Abbas to stop the incitement, and stop spreading the lies about the Jewish state and about Israel’s policies.

I hope that this is successful, because I think it’s possible to restore calm by restoring truth.

Angela, this year we celebrate, as you said, the 50th anniversary of our diplomatic relations. The German-Israeli partnership is important for both our countries. I think it’s important for all of humanity. We’ll never forget the horrors of the past, and I appreciate the fact that you do not, you and Germany, you personally and you and Germany, do not forget the horrors of the past.

I think that our cooperation provides an example of how two peoples can seize the future, forge a unique and constructive friendship and cooperation in so many areas: in science, in technology, in economics, in culture, in every field of human endeavor we are cooperating to the betterment of our societies, but also to the betterment of the world.

And I think this offers hope for the entire world.

And in addition I want to express again my deepest appreciation for your commitment to our security. I appreciate the warm hospitality you’ve shown me and my delegation. I hope we can reciprocate it soon in Jerusalem, maybe on calmer days. Every time we meet something else happens in the Middle East. I hope when we next meet, nothing happens in the Middle East.

Thank you, Angela.”


Foto: GPO/Amos Ben Gershom

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