Premiärminister Netanyahu presenterar Israels nya regering

Tidigare i dag presenterade premiärminister Netanyahu Israels nya regering.

Vid det första mötet för Israels 34:e regering tidigare i dag sa premiärminister Netanyahu följande:

”Despite all the ups-and-downs we had to go through to reach this moment, I am still moved by the position and I am certain that you are too. From this moment on we must leave disagreements outside this room and focus on good work for the citizens of Israel – all citizens of Israel.

We will work with determination, responsibility and vigor in the face of all attempts to test our borders and our security from both near and far. Israel’s enemies must know that any threated directed at us has red lines. This has been our policy under previous governments and will be under the current government as well.

We will continue to promote a diplomatic settlement while upholding the vital interests and security of the citizens of Israel. At the same time and perhaps in assistance, we will try to realize the opportunity of regional developments and new possibilities of action with the moderate and responsible countries around us.

We will work to improve social welfare with emphasis on lowering the cost of living in general and housing costs in particular. We will work to continue to reduce the gaps in Israeli society. We will continue to link the Negev and the Galilee with the center and to strengthen employment there and throughout the country. We are attentive to the cry of immigrants from Ethiopia and their families and next week we will form a special ministerial committee, under my chairmanship, to deal with this problem. We are obligated to work for the good of all Israeli citizens and we will do everything we can to justify the confidence the nation has vested in us.

Now the time has come to roll up our sleeves and get to work. May our efforts be successful.”

Israels 34:e regering kommer att se ut på följande sätt:

Benjamin Netanyahu – Prime Minister, Minister of Health, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Minister of Communications, Minister of Regional Cooperation

Silvan Shalom – Vice Prime Minister, Minister of Internal Affairs

Ofir Akunis – Minister

Uri Yehuda Ariel – Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development

David Azoulay – Minister of Religious Services

Ze’ev Binyamin Begin – Minister

Naftali Bennett – Minister of Education, Minister of Jerusalem and Diaspora Affairs

Danny Danon – Minister of Science, Technology, and Space

Aryeh Machluf Deri – Minister of the Economy, Minister of the Development of the Negev and Galil

Zeev Elkin – Minister of Immigration and Absorption

Avi Gabai – Minister of Environmental Protection

Yoav Gallant – Minister of Construction

Gila Gamliel – Minister for Senior Citizens

Moshe Kahlon – Minister of Finance

Haim Katz – Minister of Welfare and Social Services

Yisrael Katz – Minister of Transportation and Road Safety, Minister of Intelligence and Atomic Energy

Yariv Levin – Minister of Tourism, Minister of Internal Security

Miri Regev – Minister of Culture and Sport

Ayelet Shaked – Minister of Justice

Yuval Steinitz – Minister of National Infrastructure, Energy, and Water

Moshe Ya’alon – Minister of Defense

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