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Dear Sir/Madam,

Towards the coming semester, which commences in October 2014, The MOFET Institute’s International Channel is offering institutional scholarships. Any educational institution that would like its faculty members to participate in the Online Academy programs is invited to fill out a Grant Application form and submit it to us. Each institution can apply for up to five grants – one for each of the four full programs and a fifth for a course in Spanish, as listed below:

Teaching Hebrew as a Foreign Language

Teaching Jewish Studies

Teaching ICT in Education

Teaching English as a Foreign Language

Courses in Spanish

A graduation certificate of completion of studies is granted upon completion of each individual course, and a certificate of specialization in the field of study is awarded upon completion of a full program.

We would be most grateful if you could publicize this offer for scholarships among relevant educational institutions in the countries you serve. Furthermore, we would appreciate if you could convey to us lists of institutions with which you are in contact so that we can approach them directly.

The MOFET Institute, which runs these programs through its International Channel, is a non-profit organization established by the Israeli Ministry of Education, and is involved in the professional development of those who engage in teacher education in all sectors of Israeli society. The Institute includes a research authority, a school for professional development, information and communications centers, a publishing house, and an international channel. The institute convenes forums in many different areas of education, and its teams engage in the preparation of position papers for the decision makers in the Ministry of Education and in the teacher education institutions.

For further details, please contact me or Mr. Arye Ben Haim, who heads the Online Academy. We suggest that you direct representatives from the institutions to us in order for them to receive further details.

Yours faithfully,

Bilha Cohen | Consultant for International Cooperation

The International Channel @ The MOFET Institute

T: 972-3-690-1484

F: 972-3-698-8618

M: 972-54-633-3237


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