Studera i Israel med Thanks to Scandinavia

Studera i Israel med Thanks to Scandinavia

Ser du fram emot en fascinerande akademisk upplevelse vid ett av världens främsta universitet? Se hit!

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel’s leading university, offers expert faculty, advanced facilities, and an innovative, flexible approach to learning.

What’s more, the Thanks to Scandinavia Fund provides generous scholarships to citizens of Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden, for study at Hebrew University’s Rothberg International School.

Scholarships are awarded on the basis of academic excellence, and can be applied toward a variety of summer courses, as well as a year of graduate studies:

Join us in Jerusalem for a cultural, unique, and global academic adventure.

Whatever your academic pursuits, there’s a place for you at the Hebrew University.

For more information regarding our MA programs please contact: Graduate Studies Program Rothberg International School:

Foto: Hoshvilim, Wikimedia

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