Sverige borde följa Danmarks exempel

Sverige borde följa Danmarks exempel

Ambassadör Ilan Ben-Dov kommenterar på sin Facebook-sida beskedet från flera europeiska länder – däribland Danmark – att rösta mot FN-resolutionen ”Division for Palestinian Rights”:

Israel thanks Denmark and welcomes its decision together with 10 other European nations to change their voting pattern in the United Nations General Assembly and for the first time to vote against the resolution regarding the ’Division for Palestinian Rights’ at the UN Secretariat, a body which represents the structural discrimination against Israel in the UN arena.

I very much regret the fact that Sweden chooses not to join this group of nations.

In addition to the group of European countries mentioned above, there is a growing number of nations across the world who have reached the conclusion that their Middle East policies – which were formulated in the 70s and 80s of the last century – do not in any way reflect or meaningfully relate to the current realities in the region.

Anyone who would wish to normalize and improve the Swedish-Israeli relations cannot resort to declarations alone.

Israel is expecting a much more balanced Swedish policy in the Middle East, a policy that will be less one-sided and which will reflect changing Middle-Eastern realities.

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