SvT: Israel kräver stopp för Ship to Gaza-film i skolan

”Israels ambassadör kräver att filmen ”Även de döda har ett namn” stoppas för användning i skolundervisning. Det är i ett öppet brev till kommunstyrelsens ordförande i Göteborg, Anneli Hulthén, som ambassadören Isaac Bachman kallar filmen anti-israelisk och antisemitisk.”

Ambassadör Bachmans svar:

We live in a free society and those who wish, have the right to watch any movie they prefer. Including ”Even the dead have a name”.
If you want very much to watch a movie that:

Provokes Antisemitism; * suggests that there are 2 types of Jews, first and second class; * Already the name of the movie – a slap in the face of the survivors and their families – tries to establish the false equivalence with the Holocaust. It is an abusive travesty on the name-reading ceremonies on Holocaust day worldwide – ‘Every person has a name’; * is anti-Israel; * anti-USA; * anti-Greece; * makes an intensive irrelevant usage of the Holocaust and Judaism, for political purposes; * compares Israeli self defense practices with the holocaust, a comparison that the working definition of Antisemitism in Europe sees as Antisemitic; * makes totally false accusations; * gives an unclear description of Ship to Gaza heroic actions when in fact this is a concept and an organization that is far away from the Swedish consensus;

Enjoy it and be confused like so many others, among the few that watched it before you.

As mentioned, it is a free world and we all respect the wishes of others to enjoy the things we sometimes do not enjoy.

The problem is that this totally one-sided, tendentious accusatory film, that will leave any intelligent adult totally confused – is not only financed by the municipality of Gothenburg, but also introduced, in spite of being so controversial (by many others before me, too) – into the educational system in Gothenburg.

If – as claimed – the movie intended to focus on the truly admirable humanitarian work of Dr. Henry Ascher, then the final product altogether misses the mark. What we get is an in-depth presentation of his political perception on different issues, in different places with accusatory and poetic finger pointed at so many different culprits, that according to him are to be blamed for all the ills of this world and which create the need for his humanitarian work.

Force-feeding youngsters at school with this movie, is a victory for the political agenda of the very specific one side of the political spectrum, and not a responsible well thought-over, deductive decision. It amounts to using the social-political climate in Sweden for the benefit of this one side with no consideration at all for the fact that that the boys and girls that will watch it, are not at all prepared and equipped to watch it with some background criteria and a critical understanding, and they will uncritically accept the claims at face value. A presentation that is all wrong, and takes those that come to watch it tabula rasa/with no prior knowledge of the issues at hand – like these kids – to the totally wrong perceptions of reality and not a balanced one, since they will have no chance to be exposed to anything else but one extreme side of not only one story but many intertwined and tangled.

It is interesting how a new movie, far from the consensus, very polemic at the outset of its exposure to the public – finds its way into the educational system of the second largest city in Sweden.

It should be the interest of the public at large, including the interest of The Municipality of Gothenburg itself, to prevent the exposure of young boys and girls to such a defamatory, one sided presentation of realities, before these young boys and girls have the full spectrum and knowledge of the events and subjects presented in the movie.

See also an additional report on the same subject by SR – Swedish Radio: Israels ambassadör vill stoppa skolvisningar av Ship to Gaza-film


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