Terrorister i Gaza har avfyrat 200+ raketer mot Israel

Terrorister i Gaza har avfyrat 200+ raketer mot Israel

På sin Facebook-sida skriver ambassadör Ilan Ben-Dov om den senaste tidens utveckling:

The Israeli action against senior terror operative Baha Abu Al-Ata this morning was a defensive counterterrorist action against a ticking bomb. Al-Ata was the primary instigator and coordinator of countless terrorist attacks carried out by the Palestinian Islamic Jihad and was planning more attacks to be carried out against Israel in the near future. His death has saved many lives.

Hundreds of thousands of Israeli citizens are under constant threat of rocket fire from the Gaza Strip. Since this morning, close to 150 rockets have been launched at Israel. Over a million Israeli civilians are sitting in bomb shelters; the schools are closed.

The indiscriminate rocket fire by terror organizations in the Gaza Strip is a double war crime: targeting Israel’s civilian population, and launching the rockets from within Gaza’s civilian neighborhoods and institutions.

The Palestinian Islamic Jihad, a terror organization responsible for hundreds of innocent Israeli civilian casualties, is financed and directed by Iran and acts as Iran’s proxy in the area.

Israel is not interested in escalation; however, it will do what is necessary to protect and defend its citizens.

Facts about the Palestinian Islamic Jihad:

The Palestinian Islamic Jihad is a radical Sunni terrorist organization that receives financial and military support from Iran. The organization grew out of a radical faction of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. It was formally established in Gaza in 1981 by Fathi Shaqaqi, a Rafah-based physician, and Sheikh Abd al-Aziz Awda, an Islamic preacher, together with Ramadan Shalah and other former members of the Muslim Brotherhood. The founders were influenced, among other things, by the Iranian Revolution. The armed wing of the PIJ is the Al-Quds Brigades, also established in 1981.

The goal of the PIJ is to annihilate Israel and replace it with a state governed by Sharia (Islamic religious) law in all of the territory in pre-1948 Mandatory Palestine. The means to achieve this goal is armed struggle: the organization rejects the political process.

The PIJ has an annual budget of $100 million. Iran is the main sponsor of the organization, transferring huge sums of money to the PIJ every year, along with advanced weapons and missiles such as the Fajr 5. Syria does not provide money or weapons to the PIJ, but allows it to operate out of headquarters in Damascus.

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