Thanks to Scandinavia-stipendier – ansök redan idag!

Thanks To Scandinavia is pleased to award eight Wergeland and Holst Scholarships for participation in the summer program at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem Rothberg International School.

These scholarships are awarded in memory of Henrik Wergeland and Johan Jørgen Holst. Wergeland, an early 19th century poet and thinker from Norway, defended Enlightenment thinking and pressed successfully for the legalization of Norwegian citizenship for Norwegian Jews. His efforts marked the beginnings of the Jewish community in his country. Holst, the late Norwegian Foreign Minister, led historic efforts to achieve peace between Israel and the Palestinians, as part of the Oslo peace process.

The eight scholarships will be awarded as follows: two in Denmark, two in Finland, two in Sweden, and two in Norway.  The scholarship of $2500 US is applied toward the application fee, tuition, housing fees, and living costs.  Scholarships will be awarded based on academic excellence (grades and letters of recommendation) and the relevance of the prospective course to the candidate’s professional pursuits.

Read more about last year’s scholars here.

RIS Summer Programs are open to undergraduate and graduate students, as well as to mature learners with an academic background. All applicants must have been accepted to a recognized college or university or have successfully completed at least one year of study at an accredited institution of higher education. The language of instruction is English. Students may enroll in either one language course (4-6 weeks, program dates vary) or one of the Summer Courses offered.

APPLICATION DEADLINE: All forms and applications must be submitted by May 15, 2017. DEADLINE EXTENDED UNTIL MAY 31st!


Step 1: Online application to TTS scholarship:
Applications must be submitted through the online application. Please contact with any questions.

Step 2: Online application to the Hebrew University: Applications will be submitted online following Rothberg International School application process.  You do not need to pay the application fee when you submit the application. The fee can be paid later through the scholarship, if applicable.

Note: To be considered for the TTS scholarship you must complete BOTH applications.


Language Courses:
Detailed information regarding language courses can be found at:

Summer Courses:
Detailed information regarding summer courses can be found at:

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